How To Cook Salmon in the Pressure Cooker

February 21, 2014

How To Cook Salmon in the Pressure Cooker

People use a pressure cooker to prepare different kinds of grain, vegetable, and meat. The boiling liquid inside the vessel increases the pressure thus heat to allow the food prepare quickly without frying or adding too much fat. Easy, healthy and flavorful Salmon fillets can be cooked in a pressure cooker within few minutes in a hassle-free manner. So, cook your Salmon fillets as indicated by basic directions and add your herbs as well as favorite spices for different flavor.

How to prepare Salmon in the pressure cooker?

Here are the process of cooking Salmon in the pressure cooker:

Steaming Salmon Fillets

How To Cook Salmon in the Pressure CookerGenerally, steaming Salmon fillets in a pressure cooker is the best way to cook them. Pour 1 cup or 250ml cold water in a pressure cooker then heat the cooker in a stove. You can steam the Salmon in plain tap water, half wine with half water or water with sweet-smelling herbs and spices. Place the icy Salmon fillets on top of the steamer rack or in a steaming container fitted for the cooker. Secure the vessel closed and put the cooker’s pressure controller on the whistle vent pipe. Cook the fillets on high pressure for six minutes or on low pressure for about 10 minutes. However, the cooking time can be readjusted according to the thickness or size of the fillet. When the cooking is done, exhaust the pressure from the cooker, remove the Salmon and serve.

Cooking with Rice

You can cook an easy and tasty one pot meal by mixing the Salmon with rice or creamy risotto in a pressure cooker. At first, you should cut one pound of Salmon fillets into nibble-sized pieces and put aside. Then, cook the rice according to the manufacturer instruction simply adding your favorite herbs and flavored liquid. When the rice is completely cooked release the pressure from the pressure cooker and eject the pot from the heat. Mix the pieces of Salmon into the pot and quickly cover the vessel. The fillet will be cooked at about five minutes by whatever heat left in the covered cooker. Then, remove the cover of the pressure cooker and watch that the salmon is creamy and misty all through and serve with the rice.

Useful Tips for Cooking Salmon with Pressure Cooker

The basic technique for pressure cooking Salmon is pretty straightforward. Yet, you can modify it to your liking to prepare different dishes by including various herbs and flavors directly over the Salmon fillets or to the liquid. However, if you want to make sure that the fillets don’t disintegrate while cooking, warp them in Aluminum foil, then lift the foil bundles gently out of the cooker after cooking. Before wrapping the fillets make sure to brush the foil paper with oil or butter. If you can’t thaw Salmon fillets prior to cooking, don’t worry, you can simply put the fillets into the cooker and you won’t have to alter the cooking time. The frozen Salmon will discharge additional liquid, which can be spared and used at a later time for fish stock.

Bottom Line

You should always follow the manufacturer’s advice to avoid any accidents. When cooking Salmon fillets, don’t serve if not the fish is totally cooked, opaque all through and simply flakes with a fork. Let us know your thoughts regarding cooking salmon with pressure cooker by commenting below.