7 Best Music Shops In Los Angeles

When it comes to finding rare musical instruments, Los Angeles is the place where you should go. From legendary musicians to up-and-coming singers, you will see all of them are coming to Los Angeles. The thing is Los Angeles has some of the best music shops in the USA. So, in this article, we are going to talk about the best music shops in Los Angeles to give you an idea of why Los Angeles is so much important to the music industry. Let’s read the article carefully.

1. McCabe’s Guitar Shop

Best Music Shops In Los AngelesThe first music shop on our list is the McCabe’s Guitar Shop where you will see some amazing musical instruments. However, the shop specializes in folk and acoustic instruments including banjos, guitars, and bouzoukis. Established in 1958, this is a music shop in workdays where you can learn music as well. But on weekends, the shop turns into a warm musical performance place for the musicians.

2. Westwood Music

Since 1947, the Westwood Music shop has been serving musicians and singers including Dolly Parton and Neil Young. Most of the instruments you will find here are folk-based like banjos and dobros. Additionally, the shop sells electric, bass, and acoustic guitars to customers. You can also repair your guitars from this shop. Not to mention, Westwood Music is full-fledged music academy where students get hourly and group music lessons.

3. Caveman Vintage Music

Best Music Shops In Los AngelesCaveman Vintage Music shop is a classic music shop where you can get anything from guitar to drum to the keyboard. The shop sells old and traditional microphones. They also provide repair services on the stringed instruments.

4. Amoeba Music

The Amoeba Music shop is a Hollywood music emporium. This shop boasts a giant music collection while selling all types of turntables. In fact, it is a one-stop musical solution for any type of customers including singers, musicians, and recording studio, etc. With an amazing team, all the products have reasonable pricing.

5. Professional Drum Shop

Best Music Shops In Los AngelesAnother Hollywood music shop, which has been the go-to source for drummers since 1959. Here, you can repair all types of drumming equipment. In addition to this, you can buy sticks, cymbals, snares, and electric kits from the shop. Besides, the Professional Drum Shop sells all kinds of stands, racks, and drumming accessories, which you will not find in any other music shop.

6. Truetone Music

Almost all of Santa Monica has music shops where you can buy stringed instruments and musical accessories. But, from this shop, you can buy special types of electric guitars as well as acoustic and bass guitars. To add this, you can also buy esoteric instruments including baby sitars and cigar box guitars from Truetone Music shop. Like all other music shops, here, you can take music lessons and repair all kinds of musical instruments.

7. Future Music

The Future Music is an analog music instrument shop in which you will find traditional musical instruments. But, it doesn’t mean you won’t find modern instruments like pedals and keyboard. You can even repair any instruments from the shop. The most amazing fact of this shop is that it offers a musical instrument swap meet on the second Sunday of each month.

Bottom Line

The bottom line all these music shops are unique. They are some of the best shops in Los Angeles where all types of music aficionados go and shop. So, if you have any recommendations, please tell us by commenting below.