September 17, 2015

Best Music Co

What is Best Music Co?

Best Music CoBest Music Co is one of premier music instrument and accessory shops in the USA. Located in Northern California, Glenn Robert is the owner of this big shop. This shop was established in 1934 and since then, it has been selling diverse musical instruments and accessories to avid musicians and music lovers.

What’s more, you will find everything from Zildjian Cymbals to Accordions at Best Music Co. This is what makes this shop unique. In fact, Best Music Co is the pioneer in providing diverse, high-quality customer service.

You can visit their website or you can also call at (800) 821-3557 or Local phone: (510) 832-2024 to know more information about the shop.

What is the address of Best Music Co?

1716 Broadway

Oakland, CA 94612

b/t 19th St & 17th St


Contact information of Best Music Co

Phone number: (510) 832-2024

What are customers saying about Best Music Co?

Here is what the customers are saying about Best Music Co:

Best Music CoLiv C.

Liv C. who is from Berkeley, CA was looking for a high quality yet inexpensive guitar. So, he decided to go to Best Music Co and his experience with the shop was awesome. He was extremely happy with the guitar section from which he ordered a Takamine acoustic. He was also satisfied with the employees who were happy to serve him with different products. All in all, his experience with the Best Music Co was satisfying.

Laurie H., Oakland, CA

Laurie H. is from Oakland CA and at first; she rented a trombone and flute from the shop. In fact, she was renting the trombone for the last three years. And finally, she brought a piece of it for her son. However, the amazing thing about Best Music Co was they didn’t charge anything for the rental as she and her husband rented back the trombone on either Friday or Saturday. The company would even refund the deposit as well. For this reason, Laurie H was wholeheartedly happy with the customer service. Not to mention the repairman who repaired her flute was also generous as she recognized him affectionately.

Brent J., San Francisco, CA

Another happy customer is Brent J who hails from San Francisco, CA. Brent sold around four violins via Best Music Co and the results were fantastic for him.

Joseph M. San Francisco, CA

Joseph M. recommended Best Music Co as one of the best music stores or repair shop for any music customer. He, in fact, told us that he would work at this shop for free. Additionally, he suggested Karl, an employee of Best Music Co who is renowned for fixing and finishing horns.

John W. Rapid City, SD

According to John W. Rapid City, SD, Best Music Co provides phenomenal service to its customers. All the staff is courteous in dealing with the customers and most importantly they are avid music lovers.

Bottom Line

The Bottom line is Best Music Co has upheld its tradition as an excellent music store with high-quality service and wide-ranging products. So, if you want to share experience, please leave us a comment below.


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September 3, 2015

Icelandic bands have a reputation for being awesome and in 2013, they are just keeping up with the promise they have made earlier with outstanding songs. As if 2012 was not enough, Icelandic bands are putting together mesmerizing songs in this year too. As all the songs of each album are amazing in their own right, we are going to talk about the best Iceland bands in this article. So, let’s have a quick look at them.

Mammút – Komdutilmínsvartasystir (Record Records)

Iceland BandsThe first band on our list is the Mammút which is currently, one of the most dynamic bands in Iceland. After releasing LP, Karkari, the band waited four years to launch their newest album in 2013. As the band members were a mere teenager, they finished their school during this period. However, they did perform in live shows and some of the songs of Komdu til’s were broadcasted throughout the Iceland Airwaves. Also, they took time and they have sharpened the sound of their new LP. The flagship songs include the moodily melodic Ströndi, the punchy Blóðberg, and the hypnotic Glæður or the Tungan. Last but not the least, when you listen to dark sister, you discover the wonders of the night.

Snorri Helgason – Autumn Skies (Record Records)

Iceland BandsSnorri Helgason is a true musical talent with a phenomenal voice and excellent songwriting skills. He has been a successful folk singer-songwriter along with Ray LaMontagne, Alexi Murdoch, Sam Beam, and Gregory Alan Isakov. For this reason, his newest release ‘Autumn Skies’ is already making a buzz among the fans. Moreover, his love for dusty Americana is appealing and like the other songwriters, he has a penchant to find the hook in every song he writes. Besides, this album is the first-ever album, which is recorded with a full band including band members Moses Hightower, Múm, and Hjaltalín. All the songs of this album are delicate and heart touching.

Samúel Jón Samúelsson Big Band – 4 Hliðar (SJS Music)

Iceland BandsSamúel Jón Samúelsson Big Band is a groovy and afrobeat-loving band, which has been entertaining the fans for a long time. Samúel Jón Samúelsson has been working with a long list of famous musicians, composers, trombonists around Reykjavik. However, when he is not working with them, he likes to hang out with friends and doing Fela Kuti inspired jams. His band’s latest release is the long Fela Kuti inspired jams, which means four sides. In truth, this album’s songs are written on four covers. In fact, the songs are long, lasting in between 7 and 12 minutes. They also feature some of the best horn, guitar, keyboard, drummers, and bass in Iceland. Although Samúel Jón Samúelsson is the centerpiece of this album, the main draw of the songs is pure music.

Oyama – I Wanna EP (self-released)

Iceland BandsThe last band on our list is the Oyama, which has released I Wanna EP. Fans in Iceland know what Oyama is as they are a heavy draw in Iceland. The previous songs of Oyama were influenced by Kevin Shields, but this newest album is a fresh musical cover from them. The specialty of Oyama’s song is that they are a classic example of shoegaze genre.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is all the above-mentioned bands have unique characteristics with fine musical nous. So, let us know below if we have missed any band that you consider to be a part of this list.

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January 2, 2015

How to Play Guitar

How to Play GuitarLike many people, you may not want to play the guitar as it’s a unique musical instrument to play. You may also not want to learn how to play guitar by thinking – I am too old to learn a new instrument. But, honestly speaking it doesn’t matter if you are young or old because there is no age for learning.

On top of that, if you practice regularly, you can definitely learn how to play guitar. So, in this article, we are going to educate you about how you can learn to play the guitar. We will also share the typical guitar myths and misconceptions that most people have in their mind. Let’s scroll down and read the article carefully.

Myths and Misconceptions of learning how to play the guitar

As we have told you that there are numerous misconceptions and myths regarding guitar, these common stumbling blocks have hindered many people from learning to play the guitar. Some of these common myths and misconceptions include:

  1. I can’t learn guitar as I am too old to pick up a new instrument.
  2. It will take a lot of time to learn to play the guitar.
  3. My hands are too small to hold down the guitar.
  4. The guitar chords will hurt our hands and fingers.
  5. I am left-handed and I can’t learn it properly.

How to play the guitar?

The first and foremost aspect of learning to play the guitar is to learn the guitar chords. The thing is you need to use your fingers separately to play each cord. So, below you will find the ways to learn different guitar chords:

How to play the D Chord?

  1. How to Play GuitarAt first, you have to place your index finger on the third string, which is located at the second fret. Then you have to place your middle finger on the first string at the second fret and you must put your ring finger on the second string at the third fret.
  2. After that, you should leave the fourth string open and you will have to strum the bottom four strings.
  3. Finally, you will focus on the sound and you have learned to play the D Chord.

How to play the C Chord?

  1. For playing the C Chord, you should put your index finger on the second string at the first fret and use the middle finger on the fourth string at the second fret. Lastly, you have to place the ring finger on the fifth string at the third fret.
  2. Now, you will leave the first and second strings open.
  3. Then just play bottom five strings and you will get sound from the C Chord.

How to play the G Chord?

  1. To learn to play the G Chord, you will need to use the middle finger first. You will put this finger on the fifth string at the second fret and the ring finger on the sixth string at the third fret. Besides, you have to use the pinky finger on the first string at the third fret.
  2. Afterwards, you will leave the second, third, and fourth strings open. Now, you will have to play all strings and you will hear sounds from G Chord.

How to play the E-Minor Chord?

  1. To play the E-Minor Chord, you need to put the middle finger on the fifth string at the second fret. Then use the ring finger on the fourth string at the second fret.
  2. Now, just leave the first, second, third, and sixth strings open. You will hear music from E-Minor Chord.

If you practice playing these four chords regularly, you can easily learn to play the guitar faster than anyone else.

The basics of guitar learning for beginners

Until now, we have educated you about playing different guitar chords. But now, we will talk about the basics of the guitar to ensure all beginners feel at ease. When you are feeling comfortable with playing the chords, you should move onto something more challenging like covering a specific song. Note that you must be familiar with varying guitar chords. What’s more, you should know that it will take more than 10 hours to have a good touch in strumming your hands. Also, you must focus on the finesse of hitting the strings. If you don’t know how you can achieve that, you can do a little research on ‘Palm Mutting’ or any other strumming techniques. Finally, if your hands and fingers are hurting, don’t be worried, they will adjust soon. In truth, your main objective should be on creating high-quality sounds from your guitar.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is when you are starting out; you will feel uncomfortable with the guitar. But soon, you will realize playing guitar is easy and it doesn’t hurt your hands or fingers too much. So, let us know what you think of these basics of playing guitar by commenting below.

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August 28, 2014

Famous American Pop Singers

America boasts a diverse culture with rich history in many aspects including sports and music. In fact, this country has a unique interest in music as it has been one of the significant parts of true American culture. Not to mention the USA has the biggest music industry in the world as well. So, in this article, we are going to talk about the five famous American pop singers of America. Let’s move forward and find out who they are.

Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

Famous American Pop SingersMichael Jackson is known as the King of Pop who has revolutionized the music industry of the USA. He is also the most popular entertainer of the world with mesmerizing voice, artistic dancing, and classy act. Additionally, Michael Jackson was the best-selling music artist`1 who has massive contribution to the pop culture and fashion industry. He is in fact a global figure who was inducted into Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1980 as a member of the Jackson Family and in 1984; he was inducted as a solo artist. Michael Jackson has won numerous awards including the Best-Selling Pop Male Artist of the Millennium from the World Music Awards, the Bambi Pop Artist of the Millennium Award, and the Artist of the Century Award from the American Music Award.

Taylor Alison Swift (December 13, 1989 – Present)

Famous American Pop SingersTaylor Swift is a modern pop great who is also a songwriter. She is one of the leading female singers in the world. She is famous for writing songs based on her personal life, receiving widespread recognition from the media. Taylor Swift has been awarded various awards including 19 Music Awards, 10 Grammy Awards, 12 Country Music Association Awards, 21 Billboard Music Awards (the most by an actor), 8 Academy of Country Music Awards, one Emmy and one Brit Awards. As a songwriter, Taylor boasts the honor of an inductee into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, which is awarded by the Nashville Songwriters Association.

Madonna Louise Ciccone (August 16, 1958 – Present)

Famous American Pop SingersDubbed as the ‘Queen of Pop,’ Madonna is a versatile talent. She is an actress as well as a songwriter who has interest in different business ventures. Madonna is famous for exceeding the limit of the lyrical content in the conventional popular music. She was the face of the MTV in the 1980s, selling more than 300 million records worldwide. The Guinness World Records has recognized her as the best-selling female recording artist. She is the also fourth-best selling act of all time. In addition to these accolades, Madonna is the best-selling rock artist of 20th century (Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). She has sold 64.5 million certified albums, making her the second top-selling female albums artists in the USA.

Elvis Aaron Presley (January 8, 1935 – August 16, 1977)

Famous American Pop SingersElvis Aaron Presley was a musician, singer, and an actor. He is an iconic figure of the 20th century who is known as the “King of Rock and Roll.” Elvis has been hugely successful in different genres including pop, gospel, and the blues. He is the best-selling artists in the history of recorded music, selling more than 600 units of album globally. Elvis has been awarded three Grammy awards. He has also won the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. When he won this award, he was just 36 years old.

Whitney Elizabeth Houston (August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012)

Famous American Pop SingersThe last pop legend in our list is Whitney Elizabeth Houston who was a singer, actress, model, and producer. The Guinness World Records recognized her as the most awarded female act of all-time in 2009. She has sold more than 200 million records globally, entering into the elite list of best-selling singers in the world. What’s more, she has won six Grammy Awards, two Emmy Awards, and 30 Billboard Music Awards, and many more. In fact, Whitney Elizabeth Houston has won 415 awards for her amazing work.

Bottom Line

All the above-mentioned pop singers are once in a lifetime performers who have changed the course of the music industry in the USA. So, if you think we have missed someone as great as them, do share the name by commenting below.

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August 6, 2014

Best Restaurants In Reykjavik

The Reykjavik is the largest city and capital of Iceland, it has the reputation of excellent food and brimming with some of the greatest chefs of the world. Currently, the city attracts many food lovers with its traditional Icelandic food like smoked lamb, seafood’s, meats etc. however, the city has settled itself as a heaven for those who wish to test fresh Nordic cuisine. Here are the best restaurants in Reykjavik:

1. Dill Restaurant

Best Restaurants In ReykjavikDill Restaurant has achieved a Michelin star in 2017, it is the first restaurant in Iceland to achieve this kind of award. The restaurant is situated in the Vatnsmyri, at the edge of the Reykjavik’s urban wet marshland. This New Nordic Dill restaurant is very beautiful as it is a well-designed restaurant and it consists modernist building. They mainly serve Scandinavian cuisine that promotes native cultures, foods, and seasonal ingredients. Besides that, they have some innovative items as well, it includes oven-baked rutabaga with cheese, herb and garlic cream along with lojrom caviar, crunchy millet, and celeriac, spinach and goats cheese etc.

The founder head Chef of this restaurant was Gunnar Karl Gislason who is currently continuing as a partner as well. Recently the Nordic Prize and White Guide Nordic named Dill is the finest restaurant in Iceland. However, the visitors can mainly expect outstanding Nordic foods with a modern menu at the noon, for example, meatballs and plokkfiskur, a delicious fish stew. The food items for dinner changes every week with three, five and seven sets of dishes available, additionally the choice of a suitable wine menu.

2. Grillmarkadurinn

Best Restaurants In ReykjavikGrillmarkadurinn, also known as The Grillmarket is one of the pristine restaurants in Iceland. It was built in 1920 and was initially housed a cinema hall named NýjaBíó (The New Cinema). Movies were shown here up until 1987, then it was converted into a bar which burned in 1998. In 2011 another building was raised where Nýjabíó remained before. Aside from an additional floor, the new building looks like the old one, both in style and frame. Currently, this restaurant is owned and operated by the top Icelandic Chef HrefnaRósaSætran and Guðlaugur P. Frímannsson.

However, the luxurious and artistic Grillmarket restaurant collaborates with the local farmer and directly purchase their ingredients from the farm to provide the customer with an excellent mixture of both traditional and modern cuisine. The local products include beef, quail, honey, lamb, as well as trout. Besides that, its comfortable lounge provides the visitor a wide range of wines and cocktails as well. Besides that, they offer some innovative menu which includes puffin or minke whale steak, reindeer burgers etc.

3. Fiskfelagid

Best Restaurants In ReykjavikThe slogan of this restaurant is “without fail, all the best adventures take place under a bridge.” A tour to Reykjavik wouldn’t be full filed without testing some of Iceland’s outstanding seafood, and this comfortable restaurant in the Zimsen building offers Icelandic fish, as well as seafood,’s from all over the globe. The remarkable Zimsen building underneath the bridge was built in 1884, it was initially situated a couple of lanes away to its present area.

In the rebuilding phases of the establishment, some portion of Reykjavik’s old harbor was uncovered and changed into an artwork in the restaurant grounds by a native artist named Hjorleifur Stefansson. The owner and head chef, Lárus Gunnar Jónasson with a group of talented chef’s works very hard to make the dining experience both exciting and homey. They use the best ingredients that Iceland uses to provide. However, the glamorous and cozy Fiskfelagid has set a standard which is simply out of the world.

4. Baejarins Beztu Pylsur

Best Restaurants In ReykjavikIf you want a reasonable, quick and tasty bite you should go for the Baejarins Beztu Pylsur (The Town’s Best Sausages). It is a small hot dog chain shop situated in the Reykjavik, Iceland. From the year of 1937, they are offering some delicious Icelandic manifestation of the sausage, which is made with a mix of pork, meat and, lamb. Besides that, they have turned out to be the main feature of runtur, Reykjavik’s weekly celebration. However, if you want a true Icelandic experience, you should go for a hot dog with ‘the works’, ketchup, remoulade, sweet mustard and fresh and fried onions. James Hetfield of Metallica and former US president Bill Clinton are very fond of this hot dog.

5. Skolabru

Best Restaurants In ReykjavikThe Skolabrú Restaurant is situated next to the Icelandic parliament and the old city square. The large customary wood clad house was built in 1907 by Jónasi Jonassen for his daughter Sophia. However, Skolabru mainly serves Icelandic foods, based on Icelandic culture and native culinary traditions. You can try mango with sea wolf with mango, grilled lamb with Bernaise sauce as well as the chocolate soufflé.

Please let us know if you have liked the best restaurants in Reykjavik by commenting below.

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April 21, 2014

Best Music Shops In Los Angeles

When it comes to finding rare musical instruments, Los Angeles is the place where you should go. From legendary musicians to up-and-coming singers, you will see all of them are coming to Los Angeles. The thing is Los Angeles has some of the best music shops in the USA. So, in this article, we are going to talk about the best music shops in Los Angeles to give you an idea of why Los Angeles is so much important to the music industry. Let’s read the article carefully.

McCabe’s Guitar Shop:

Best Music Shops In Los AngelesThe first music shop on our list is the McCabe’s Guitar Shop where you will see some amazing musical instruments. However, the shop specializes in folk and acoustic instruments including banjos, guitars, and bouzoukis. Established in 1958, this is a music shop in workdays where you can learn music as well. But on weekends, the shop turns into a warm musical performance place for the musicians.

Westwood Music:

Best Music Shops In Los AngelesSince 1947, the Westwood Music shop has been serving musicians and singers including Dolly Parton and Neil Young. Most of the instruments you will find here are folk-based like banjos and dobros. Additionally, the shop sells electric, bass, and acoustic guitars to customers. You can also repair your guitars from this shop. Not to mention, Westwood Music is full-fledged music academy where students get hourly and group music lessons.

Caveman Vintage Music:

Best Music Shops In Los AngelesCaveman Vintage Music shop is a classic music shop where you can get anything from guitar to drum to the keyboard. The shop sells old and traditional microphones. They also provide repair services on the stringed instruments.

Amoeba Music:

Best Music Shops In Los AngelesThe Amoeba Music shop is a Hollywood music emporium. This shop boasts a giant music collection while selling all types of turntables. In fact, it is a one-stop musical solution for any type of customers including singers, musicians, and recording studio, etc. With an amazing team, all the products have reasonable pricing.

Professional Drum Shop:

Best Music Shops In Los AngelesAnother Hollywood music shop, which has been the go-to source for drummers since 1959. Here, you can repair all types of drumming equipment. In addition to this, you can buy sticks, cymbals, snares, and electric kits from the shop. Besides, the Professional Drum Shop sells all kinds of stands, racks, and drumming accessories, which you will not find in any other music shop.

Truetone Music:

Best Music Shops In Los AngelesAlmost all of Santa Monica has music shops where you can buy stringed instruments and musical accessories. But, from this shop, you can buy special types of electric guitars as well as acoustic and bass guitars. To add this, you can also buy esoteric instruments including baby sitars and cigar box guitars from Truetone Music shop. Like all other music shops, here, you can take music lessons and repair all kinds of musical instruments.

Future Music:

Best Music Shops In Los AngelesThe Future Music is an analog music instrument shop in which you will find traditional musical instruments. But, it doesn’t mean you won’t find modern instruments like pedals and keyboard. You can even repair any instruments from the shop. The most amazing fact of this shop is that it offers a musical instrument swap meet on the second Sunday of each month.

Bottom Line

The bottom line all these music shops are unique. They are some of the best shops in Los Angeles where all types of music aficionados go and shop. So, if you have any recommendations, please tell us by commenting below.

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February 21, 2014

How To Cook Salmon in the Pressure Cooker

People use a pressure cooker to prepare different kinds of grain, vegetable, and meat. The boiling liquid inside the vessel increases the pressure thus heat to allow the food prepare quickly without frying or adding too much fat. Easy, healthy and flavorful Salmon fillets can be cooked in a pressure cooker within few minutes in a hassle-free manner. So, cook your Salmon fillets as indicated by basic directions and add your herbs as well as favorite spices for different flavor.

How to prepare Salmon in the pressure cooker?

Here are the process of cooking Salmon in the pressure cooker (before reading about Salmon you can read a buying guide to buy the best pressure cooker for your kitchen);

Steaming Salmon Fillets

How To Cook Salmon in the Pressure CookerGenerally, steaming Salmon fillets in a pressure cooker is the best way to cook them. Pour 1 cup or 250ml cold water in a pressure cooker then heat the cooker in a stove. You can steam the Salmon in plain tap water, half wine with half water or water with sweet-smelling herbs and spices. Place the icy Salmon fillets on top of the steamer rack or in a steaming container fitted for the cooker. Secure the vessel closed and put the cooker’s pressure controller on the whistle vent pipe. Cook the fillets on high pressure for six minutes or on low pressure for about 10 minutes. However, the cooking time can be readjusted according to the thickness or size of the fillet. When the cooking is done, exhaust the pressure from the cooker, remove the Salmon and serve.

Cooking with Rice

You can cook an easy and tasty one pot meal by mixing the Salmon with rice or creamy risotto in a pressure cooker. At first, you should cut one pound of Salmon fillets into nibble-sized pieces and put aside. Then, cook the rice according to the manufacturer instruction simply adding your favorite herbs and flavored liquid. When the rice is completely cooked release the pressure from the pressure cooker and eject the pot from the heat. Mix the pieces of Salmon into the pot and quickly cover the vessel. The fillet will be cooked at about five minutes by whatever heat left in the covered cooker. Then, remove the cover of the pressure cooker and watch that the salmon is creamy and misty all through and serve with the rice.

Useful Tips for Cooking Salmon with Pressure Cooker

The basic technique for pressure cooking Salmon is pretty straightforward. Yet, you can modify it to your liking to prepare different dishes by including various herbs and flavors directly over the Salmon fillets or to the liquid. However, if you want to make sure that the fillets don’t disintegrate while cooking, warp them in Aluminum foil, then lift the foil bundles gently out of the cooker after cooking. Before wrapping the fillets make sure to brush the foil paper with oil or butter. If you can’t thaw Salmon fillets prior to cooking, don’t worry, you can simply put the fillets into the cooker and you won’t have to alter the cooking time. The frozen Salmon will discharge additional liquid, which can be spared and used at a later time for fish stock.

Bottom Line

You should always follow the manufacturer’s advice to avoid any accidents. When cooking Salmon fillets, don’t serve if not the fish is totally cooked, opaque all through and simply flakes with a fork. Let us know your thoughts regarding cooking salmon with pressure cooker by commenting below.

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